November 17, 2021

The bane of crocs shoes

These shoes are not ideal because the foot is a sensor, it is a receiver of information. From the moment you put an interface under your feet, this interface will be detrimental, either not changing anything, or improving the good reception of the signal. When there is foam everywhere as on the shoes of the Crocs brand, there is a modulation of the signal that we perceive in a harmful way and therefore, at the level of the regulation of the postural tone, this is not ideal. Thus, we will have to make a whole lot of extra effort to stand upright, efforts that can flow at a given time on pain because when we have muscle contractions that are not natural, at a given moment, the body remembers ours.
The principle is the same with the shoes of the Birkenstock brand. They are cork shoes, very hard and therefore very little compressible, unlike the Crocs shoe. These shoes have an orthopedic correction with in particular the presence of an internal plantar arch or internal hemi-cupola. The height of this arch is made in series and is not customized at all, so it is symmetrical and standard. Orthopedic corrections cannot be standardized. Rather, they must be personalized and individualized according to the person and the reason for which he or she needs correction. Wearing shoes with orthopedic corrections when you don’t need to be unnecessary and maybe even harmful.

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