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Located in Bangkok and Hua Hin, AJ posture is a company of French podiatrists, specialized in podiatry, posturology, osteopathy and chiropody. Their skills of podiatrist, posturotherapist and chiropodist will improve your lifestyle, your posture though POSTUROLOGY knowledge. It is different from chiropractor or physical therapist cause they work directly on the nervous system

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The basic premise of Posturology is that the body receives sensory information from the environment primarily via the foot, eye, jaw and skin. The body is treated with manual therapy and orthopedic insoles if necessary. If there is a defect in one or more of these systems, the body «adapt to the faulty signals it is receiving, and thereby becomes imbalanced. The purpose of Posturology is to correct errors at these receptor sites, returning the body to proper Body Balance.
Posturology addresses the causes, not the symptoms of your problem, and restores functional movement. It provides immediate as well as long-term results.

Benefits of good posture

All the people

  • Contributes to a good appearance.

  • Prevents chronic pain.

  • Prevents fatigue because muscles are being used more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy.

  • Decreases the stress on the ligaments holding the joints of the spine together.

  • Prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions.

Sportive people

  • Increase performance

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Improve rational strengh

Our advices

Physical activity on a daily base

Proper equipment adapted to your daily activities

Postural assessment follow up 1 time per year

Develop and improve your sense of proprioception

Healthy nutrition adapted to your lifestyle

What is postural assessment ?


AJ Posture team is Osteoasia expert certified and they are in collaboration with Samuel Terrien OsteoAsia is a Manual Biohacking. It's an alliance of Ancestral Asian Manual Therapies and Western Integrative Therapies, the alliance of the Tradition and the Science. In practice, two caring hands will biohack your body gently generating multiple domino effect and naturally optimising your Health, your Physical and Intellectual Balance to be Resilient.


AJ Posture, it is also foot care and nail care in a medical way, with treatment of corn, callus, hard skin removal, ingrown nail… with professional equipment, sterilized tools… Recommended also for diabetic customers. We also offer training for any organization wishing to increase skills in this field (example in Siriraj hospital)

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