February 26, 2024

The balance

Balance is an essential function of our body. It allows us to maintain a stable posture and move safely. The three pillars of balance are the eyes, the inner ear and the feet. They work together to maintain balance in the body.

In posturology, it is important to understand that things can get stuck, which can cause problems. Although benign, these problems can be functionally very annoying. For example, a trapped vagus nerve, through a series of downward tensions, can create instability up to the level of both feet, which will become unstable. With each step, everything will move a lot, which can end up causing pain and injury. The patient comes to consult for a stability problem but in reality the cause of the problem is tension on the vagus nerve. It will be necessary to work on the vagus nerve to improve balance. Here the example is taken with the vagus nerve but the cause of the balance problem can come from many other nerves. In posturology, we work on the cause of the problem and the results are immediate.

To maintain good balance, it is important to take into account the three pillars of balance. The eyes are important because they allow us to see where we are going and orient ourselves in space. The inner ear also plays a crucial role, as it detects head movements and body movements. Finally, the feet are essential for maintaining good posture, since they are in direct contact with the ground and are responsible for distributing the body’s weight.

It is important to note that balance is not just limited to body posture. It can also have an impact on our emotional and mental balance. Stress, anxiety and fatigue can disrupt our mental balance and affect our ability to make rational decisions.

There are different ways to maintain a good balance. Above all, it is advisable to have a postural assessment done by a professional in order to rebalance your posture and have an optimized body to start practicing sports. Regularly practicing muscle-strengthening exercises, such as yoga, fitness, crossfit, gymnastics, etc. can help improve posture and strengthen the muscles that support balance. Breathing and relaxation exercises can also help reduce stress and anxiety, which can affect our emotional and mental balance.

In conclusion, balance is an essential function of our body that requires constant attention to maintain. The three pillars of balance – the eyes, inner ear and feet – must be taken into account to maintain good posture and avoid pain and injury. By taking care of our physical, emotional and mental balance, we can improve our quality of life and our general well-being.

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